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Getting started with Copy Shortcut Pro is quick and easy (we promise!). After just a few steps, you’ll be copying and moving files easier than ever before.

0 – Buy Copy Shortcut Pro

Just kidding! Copy Shortcut Pro is absolutely FREE! Copy Shortcut Pro was developed by New York Information Systems Inc. to showcase our software development skills. Copy Shortcut Pro is free for personal, commercial, and industrial use, but if you find it useful and would like to buy us coffee or lunch, your gratitude would be greatly appreciated.

1 – Download Copy Shortcut Pro

The installer can be found on the Download page, but if you haven’t downloaded it yet, click here to download Copy Shortcut Pro now.

Once the download is complete, run the setup installer and follow the prompts by clicking “Next”.

2 – Start using Copy Shortcut Pro!

Simply right-click any file or folder on your computer, and you’ll see the “Copy to…” and “Move to…” prompts added to the menu list. Choose whichever shortcut you need whenever you need it!

Copy Shortcut Pro right-click menu

Copy Shortcut Pro right-click menu

3 – Select the folder where you wish to copy or move your file

A window will pop up with a list of locations on your computer – select the destination folder for the file or folder you wish to copy or move, then click “Copy” or “Move”. You’re done!

Copy Shortcut Pro copy menu

Copy Shortcut Pro copy menu

4 – Launch Copy Shortcut Pro to change settings

After Copy Shortcut Pro is installed, you can launch Copy Shortcut Pro to enable or disable features by:

  • Clicking “Start”
  • Navigating to “All programs”
  • Then “NYISI”
  • And clicking “Copy Shortcut Pro

Copy Shortcut Pro will launch, and you’ll see the configuration menu below. Check or un-check the features you wish to use or disable, and Copy Shortcut Pro instantly updates your system settings.

Copy Shortcut Pro configuration screen

Copy Shortcut Pro configuration screen