Download Copy Shortcut Pro now FREE!

Download Copy Shortcut Pro now FREE!

CopyShortcut.com is the home page of Copy Shortcut Pro, the FREE and easy solution for moving and copying files in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

If you move or copy files all day – copy files the easy way!

Keyboard shortcuts can be easy, and dragging and dropping are too, but to use either, you need to have multiple folders open, cluttering your screen and your task bar. Copy Shortcut Pro saves desktop space and more importantly your time!

With Copy Shortcut Pro, just choose which features you’d like to enable:

  • Right-click “Copy to”
  • Right-click “Move to”

Then simply right-click any file or folder – and near the “Send To” menu, you’ll see “Copy to folder…” or “Move to folder…”. Click either of those, and you’ll see a list of drives, folders, and even network places where you can copy your move your files.